IZotope Music Production Suite 6

iZotope Music Production Suite 6, Plugin Bundle (Download), Extensive collection with over 30 software tools for professional editing, Mixing, mastering and creative sound design, Includes all major plugins music production AI powered processing communication between effect instances an improved workflow, Various reverb ins, Exponential Audio Dolby Atmos support, RX10 Standard denoising enhancing audio files such as vocals, guitars other microphone


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D16 Group Drumazon 2

D16 Group Drumazon 2, Virtual Machine (Download), Careful emulation of a legendary and much sought after drum machine from 1983 that shaped entire styles, All 11 editable sounds of the original exactly emulated, Flexible output routing with individual outputs, Extensive MIDI integration for remote control automation, Internal step sequencer grid accent, tap function live recordings random functions inspiration, Two effect busses five slots each,


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Acon Digital Remix

Acon Digital Remix, Stem Separation Plugin (Download), Separates finished mixes in real time into the five stems Vocals, Piano, Bass, Drums and Other, Per adjustable sensitivity of detection for accurate results, Mute solo as well as level control display each stem, outputs vocals, piano, bass, drums others, Preset management with a large number of factory presets, Scalable graphical user interface


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Waves Essential 6 Months Subscript.

Waves Essential 6 Months Subscript., Six Subscription (Download), PlugIn Bundle Subscription, month access without automatic renewal to the effects package for production, mixing and mastering, but also live applications, A total of 110 plug ins, Selected are added regularly, Always offers latest version of included plugins, Includes to AI powered StudioVerse community thousands of freely available chains, Created by experienced producers sound engineers,


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Sound Particles AudioMatrix

Sound Particles AudioMatrix, Routing Plugin (Download), Helpful tool for simple routing of any inputs to outputs, Virtual matrix with optional integrated level correction and polarity inversion, Support up to 64 audio channels in various formats, Suitable speaker array management, creation of centre signals, M S conversion, adaptation of surround mirroring of channels, mono summation multi audio, up down mixing applications, LFE control much more.


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Waves Magma Springs

Waves Magma Springs, Reverb Plugin (download), Reproduction of seven popular spring reverb units, Timeless sound for various genres such as classic indie, surf, Motown, dub, rock & roll, country and many others, Drive control with magma tube simulation adjustable pre delay feedback, Switchable mono or stereo operation, Additional treble, bass, mix output level


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Ample Sound Slide Lapsteel

Ample Sound Slide Lapsteel, Guitar Plugin (download), Virtual lap guitar based on samples of a 1970 Jedson with an EMG pickup., Playing styles include sustain, legato slide, in & out, quarter natural harmonic, vibrato, buzzing and nine different glissandi., Legato system specially adapted for guitars, combining virtual algorithms samples, Five stage modulation envelope per voice more realistic effects, Riffer up to 64 bars string roll editor extensive


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Magix Sequoia EDU

Magix Sequoia EDU, Audio MIDI Sequencer (DAW) (download)@ *Educational Version:* Requires proof of eligibility, Professional for all aspects of demanding audio productions from recording, mixing mastering to post production, broadcasting, restoration much more, Up to 256 inputs outputs 999 tracks, Auto conforming function synchronising cuts in video recordings, ARA2 support seamless integration of compatible software, Integration of hardware effects


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Waves Ultimate 1 Month Subscription

Waves Ultimate 1 Month Subscription, Monthly (download), Plug in bundle subscription, 1 access without automatic renewal to the effects package for production, mixing and mastering as well as live applications all current plug ins, All are added regularly, Always provides latest version, Includes to AI based StudioVerse community thousands of individually available chains, Created by experienced producers sound engineers, Contains probably most comprehensive


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Magix Sound Forge Pro Suite

Magix Sound Forge Pro Suite, Audio Editor and Mastering Software (Download), Professional editor for demanding applications in stereo surround mastering, Recording editing of multi channel files up to max, 64 Bit floating point 768 kHz, Up to 32 channels of audio recording, processing, Includes Steinberg Spectral Layers Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, essentialFX with 11 effects, Analogue Modelling four plug ins, Vintage Effects three vintage as well


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